Best make up brands in the fashion world!

Today, there are many cosmetic brands that are setting their own beauty standards in the world of makeup and luxury. Also, many new brands are taking the market by a storm with their wide range of cosmetic products as well as skincare ranges. Different consumers have different opinions regarding the use of make up and cosmetics in their daily life and according to various reports and reviews, it is simply hard for a woman to resist makeup.

This article will highlight some of the top international cosmetic brands across the world who hold a powerful reputation in the makeup industry. They are already the rulers here and the products that they have been providing their customers with are simply breathtaking!

Estee Lauder

One of the cosmetic giants in the industry, this brand is also known for its wide range of skincare products. It specializes both in make up as well as the complex skincare formulas which you can make use of in order to ensure your skin looks healthy and clean. This classic brand is endorsed by various top celebrities and several dermatologists carry great opinions about this cosmetic cum skincare brand.

Estee lauder is an expensive brand and is not quite affordable for all the women out there. Their products start from $35 and can even exceed $100!


It is a new brand in the cosmetics world which has already set its standards high. It didn’t take much time for them to get their own set of customers who completely rely on Benefit for their makeup products. They are known for their creative packaging which is adorable to some extent. This cosmetic brand produces some great highlighters and bronzers which are capable to change one’s look to the best. The make up products are medium priced and are not too pricey as other top brands.


Quality at Nyx is never compromised and they have been producing the best cosmetics for the women across the world. What I simply love about this brand is the lip colour and lipsticks that they have. Their lip cosmetics just easily blend with your lips and makes it look so good. Their makeup products are reasonably priced and it starts from $1.50. This American company has its outlets and stores in almost all the countries.


Now before I write anything about this brand, you will be already knowing about this top-quality cosmetic product as well as their super high prices! Mac are the cosmetic industry leaders and they are the first preference for almost all the top international celebrities. Mac has been producing great foundations as well as lipsticks which are not so cheap. However the products that they sell are absolutely worth the price.

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